"There is too much beauty in the world"

Rafael Cansinos-Asséns


Gabriela Cecilia Bardón was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in the southernmost reaches of Argentina´s Patagonia, surrounded by the dramatic and mesmerizing landscapes at the end of the world.


She was always drawn to the arts in general and photography in particular, a craft she got started on as a hobby at a young age, using the Kodak Retinette 1A (035) which had belonged to her Italian great-grandfather. After completing her law studies at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires (UCA), she decided to fully pursue her passion and studied photography at the Argentine Association of Professional Photographers (AFPRA).


Gabriela´s works have been showcased in cultural venues both in Buenos Aires and Hong Kong. Most notably, she was chosen by AFPRA to take part in the collective photo exhibition "Puertas de Buenos Aires", held at the prestigious Museo Roca during Argentina´s iconic "La Noche de los Museos" (2011). Gabriela and fellow photographer Juliana Montani held the joint exhibition "Circulation + Beneath the Surface" (2013) at Hong Kong´s Puerta Roja art gallery. Most recently, Gabriela with Juliana and Ignacio Calderón participated in the most important event in the field of art photography in town, the "Hong Kong International Photo Festival", with their exhibition "URBANA: city view" (2014).


With an eye for the essential, Gabriela has developed and honed her signature minimalist style of photography. She belives that, as an art form, photography should capture the basic and intimate aspects that lie at the hart of any given moment. Beauty lurks all around, in the smallest things. Her approach rediscovers and emphasizes freshness and spontaneity in favour of the excessive and intervention commonplace in this day.